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Oaten Hay Bales (Regular) (Regional NSW) (Disc)

This product has been replaced by compressed oaten hay. See below.

Oaten hay is vet recommended as a great high fibre supplement for all rabbits. Helps maintain rabbit digestive health. Also suitable for guinea pigs or horses.

Oaten Hay Bales (Regular Bale)

Disclaimer: Please select this option only if you're ordering far from Sydney ie in Regional NSW or outside NSW. If your in Sydney or surrounding areas please select the oaten hay option labelled Sydney & Surround (see below)

Oaten hay is vet recommended as a great high fibre supplement for all rabbits, that helps maintain rabbit digestive health. Oaten Hay should be given in addition to nutrient dense foods like rabbit mix and pellets.

Hay, in general, is an important part of a rabbit's diet and should ideally make up about 70% of their food intake.

Bale Size (cm): ? W x ?D x ? H (approx) Bale Weight: 17 to 20 kg (approx)

Hot Tip: If you looking to feed small animals like rabbits or guinea pigs you might want to consider the premium compressed oaten hay bales (see below) which is often greener and less dry than regular oaten hay.

Disclaimer: The image of oaten hay on this page is for marketing purposes only and is not the actual oaten hay for sale here. The actual item for sale may differ significantly from the image on this page.

Questions & Answers:

Q. Why does my oaten hay look more brown in colour and dried out than other types of hay?

A. Oaten hay by its nature does look more dried out and brown than other green hays like lucerne. Some people do get a shock seeing oaten hay for the first time when they are used to seeing lush green lucerne hay. Some people even mistaken it for straw hay initially, but after a while they come to recognize the subtle green and brown colour of oaten hay as totally normal. Despite its less appealing colour, oaten hay is still very appealing and healthy for rabbits and guinea pigs.

Q. How long can Oaten Hay be stored for before it goes bad?

A. To increase the shelf life of oaten hay its best to keep it in a cool dry place. Keeping it dry and moisture free is especially important as even a little moisture can eventually lead to decay & mould growth on the hay.

Some general tips to help keep Oaten hay dry. Keep it away from direct sunlight. Keep away from direct contact with the floor, grass etc. Place hay on some timber or another dry mat. Replace or sweep the mat regularly to help prevent the build up of moisture.

Ideally, its recommended to use the oaten hay as soon as possible and within a month or so. However oaten hay can be kept for months even up to 4 months or more in ideal conditions. It's best to check the hay regularly for any signs of decay or moulding, especially when storing oaten hay for longer periods.

Disclaimer: Since hay is a natural fiber it may in some rare cases go bad prematurely despite everyone's best intentions and care. This information in no way assures that any given hay is safe to feed to their pets. This is up to the pet owner to decide.

Please do not consider any information on this website as expert advice. Always seek expert advice before using any of our products or caring for any pets or plants.

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