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Review for "Hutch EP-190 & Run Extension Package"

Hutch EP-190 & Run Extension Package

Hutch & Run Package - Includes both a Hutch Ensuite (EP-190) & Run (EP-190R). The run can also be used on its own if required.


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This is an excellent hutch and run, the run is huge, bigger than any others I have seen and perfect for our guinea pigs to have plenty of space to enjoy. The hutch itself is versatile, for younger animals the ramp leads to a lovely penthouse but for our older piggies we just removed the ramp and they sleep in their bed in the downstairs area, very roomy and easy. The wire is sturdy and the materials used are well put together for longevity, the wire is held within the frame rather than nailed to the outside. Very happy with this purchase and highly recommended, as is our service from petand Very fast delivery too.