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Maxpro Germ Free Disinfectant Superconcentrate (Lemon) 1L

A hospital-grade disinfectant, cleanser, and deodoriser. Superconcentrate is 25 times more concentrated than standard Maxpro Germ Free. Ideal for animal housing such as dog kennels, coops, hutches, cages, stables and other hard surfaces. No rinsing needed.

Maxpro Germ Free Disinfectant Superconcentrate (Lemon) 1L. NO RINSING NEEDED!

A highly concentrated Disinfectant that is diluted 1:25 so as to yield 25 litres of standard Germ Free product. Which is then used at 1:50 dilution. This product is designed for where freight costs are an issue. This bottle can create 1250 litres of usable solution.

Germfree is excellent for the disinfection, deodorizing and cleaning of hard surfaces and leaves a pleasant fragrance. Ideal for floors, walls, toilets, shower recesses, saunas, bathrooms, hospitals, nursing homes, change rooms, garbage disposal areas, animal housing stables. The product uses natural oils and extracts for time-release fragrance.

Directions: This 1L bottle makes 25L of product. Dilute 100mls per 2.5L of water or 1:25 to make the concentration standard germfree product. This standard product is then diluted to 1 part standard germfree to 50 parts water.

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