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Buzz Flypapers (Fly Traps) 8 Pack

Victorian Customers:  This item cannot be sent to Victoria due to recent state law changes.


Flypapers are are a great way to control flies in and around the house. The packet includes 8 (single) long non toxic strips that when hung from the ceiling or other place attract and trap flies to its stick surface.

The Buzz Fly Papers are a clean white paper baited with adhesive insect attractant ideal for controlling flies in kitchens and food prep areas. Simply pull out paper and hang. Flies get stuck on the paper and traps can be disposed of with household rubbish.

  • Value 8 pack.
  • Pull and hang.
  • Dispose of with household rubbish.

Specifications: Paper is saturated with proprietary adhesive

How to Use & FAQ:

1. Bring to room temperature.

2. Slowly pull out string and unwind adhesive.

3. Strip in an anti-clockwise direction.

4. Hang strip in an area where flies are becoming a nuisance.

5. Use thumb tack provided to secure in place.

6. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. How long do the buzz fly papers last and in how many weeks should I change them?
A. I got this reply from the manufacturer "We recommend changing them when you notice they are full or when they aren’t sticky anymore"

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