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Richgro Snail & Slug Killer Pellets 500g

Use Richgro Snail and Slug Killer Pellets whenever you are planting new seedlings or when snails and slugs appear. Each 500g pack covers up to 100m2.

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Use Richgro Snail and Slug Killer Pellets whenever you are planting new seedlings or when snails and slugs appear. Each pack covers up to 100m2.

Richgro special formula protects not only your garden but contains the most bitter substance known to man, to act as a taste deterrent to discourage consumption by children and to a lesser extent, pets.

How to use: Scatter pellets thinly over the soil, around the plants or wherever the slugs and snails are to be found. Apply pellets 10cm apart (or at the rate of grams per square metre). For best results apply on a warm moist, evening, after rain or after garden watering when snails and slugs are most likely to be attracted your precious plants and vegetables.

Smaller, Harder Pellets: Richgro snail and slug pellets are not only smaller, but spread further and are more difficult for pets to pick up from the garden.

Active Constituent: 15g/kg Metaldehyde.

Caution: Keep away from domestic pets. Keep away from dogs. Dogs may find these pellets attractive and it may kill them if pets are poisoned contact a veterinary surgeon and inform them that your pet has consumed the GREEN snail and slug pellets. DO NOT allow chemical containers or product to get into drains, sewers, streams or ponds.

Safety: Snail and slug pellets can be harmful to humans and animals. Because of the high grain content of the snail and slug pellets, they are not only attractive to snails and slugs but pets as well. Be aware that dogs particularly are prone to poisoning from snail pellets. Research and information gained from veterinarians indicate that most poisonings of dogs have resulted from dogs consuming the contents of the whole packet of snail killer. It is essential that storage is in the safe place away from young children, animals, poultry and ducks. Small Dogs and puppies can be attracted to snail pellets especially if the snail pellets are heaped. if you have a small dog or puppy apply small, scattered amounts of snail pellets amongst your plants to minimise the risk of consumption.

Disclaimer: Please read the information on the packet of this product before use and don't depend on the information on this page. For more information on safety please check the downloads tab for "Snail & Slug Killer Safety Sheet"

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Can it be used in vegetable gardens?

A. It can be used in vegetable gardens as the chemical has to be ingested to work and does not release from the pellet.

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