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Easy Trap Auto for Mice (4.5 cm H) (Disc)


This multi-catch mouse trap requires no winding or even bait to catch live mice.

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This Easy Trap Auto multiple catch mouse trap features a clear viewing lid so that you can quickly and easily identify when a critter has been captured! The lid can be opened and closed, allowing you to dispose of rodents and then reuse the trap for optimum efficiency. It is 55% narrower than standard multiple catch mouse traps, making it even better-suited for tight spots and high traffic areas! In spite of its 26 cm L x 9 cm W x 4.5 cm H dimensions, this trap can catch up to 9 mice at a time.
This mouse trap features a black powder coated finish to make it exceptionally impact and corrosion resistant for maximum longevity. It does not require any bait because the appearance of a safe and secure shelter draws in mice all on its own.

Main features:

  • Needs no winding to be set. Simply place in a hidden place where mice may be hiding.
  • Clear viewing window, on the top side lets you know if some mice have been caught, without opening the trap.
  • Reusable and can catch up to 9 mice at one time.
  • Non Jamming mechanical components. No springs & No Snaps- No springs & No Snaps
  • No bait needed, but some kind of bait will attract mice more quickly. A bait suggestion is peanut butter.

NOTE: This trap is actually coloured black all around, including the sides and bottom, even though the above picture for this item shows a metallic colour on the sides and bottom.

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