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Lucerne Hay Bags


Lucerne hay is extra green & fine leaved making it superior to most other lucerne varieties as food for rabbits.

Lucerne Hay Bags.

For Sydney Metro Deliveries: We can fit up to 6 lucerne hay bags in one box at the low freight cost of about $7.50

Lucerne Hay is extra green & fine leaved making it a great option for rabbits and guinea pigs. It's generally recommended to only give lucerne hay to rabbits in-frequently as a treat, as its too high in calcium and protein. It's suggested to feed rabbits mainly timothy or oaten hay and then occassionally supplement with lucerne hay. 

Any left over or spoilt lucerne hay can also be re-used as a garden mulch or fertilizer and will add much need nitrogen to your soil. Covering your top soil with lucerne mulch will also help prevent your garden soil from drying out prematurely.

Some people like to use lucerne as bedding for their chickens or other poultry. Once they are done using it as bedding they then re-use it in the garden as a mulch or even as an excellent fertilizer.

Bag dimensions: 34 W x 23 D x 43 cm H.

Bag Weight: About 700 grams but vary widely since they are not individually weighed during packing.


- The bag size measurements are only general guides as each bag varies in size. Measurements don't include the bag handle.

- This item can NOT be sent to WA due to customs regulations.

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Green n FRESH my rabbit love it so much.

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