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Troforte Fert O Lawn Fertiliser

Highly Recommended! Troforte Fert O Lawn is a slow release microbial granular fertiliser by Langeley Fertilizers. Fert O Lawn is an environmental revolution in lawn fertiliser technology! Contains up to 60 natural minerals plus up to 24 beneficial species of microbes and fungi.

Troforte Fert O Lawn Fertiliser. A Slow Release Microbial Granular Fertiliser by Langeley Fertilizers

Fert O Lawn is an environmental revolution in lawn fertiliser technology! Once you have used Fert O Lawn, you’ll never want to use an ordinary lawn fertiliser again.

Contains up to 60 natural minerals plus up to 24 beneficial species of microbes and fungi.

Consider the benefits of Fert O Lawn:

  • Dramatically improved drought resistance due to improved root development.
  • Vastly Increased earthworm activity means better drainage and aeration of the lawn.
  • One application lasts 3-4 months.
  • There is no quick fast flush of growth with this product. You will see a gentle even green colour over an extended period of time.
  • Weak patches improve dramatically and often fully cover.
  • Beneficial microbes can even seek out turf soil diseases like Pithium and attack them. Full recovery is often achieved.
  • Lawns become thicker and more luxuriant in appearance.
  • Excellent green colour.
  • Thatch is reduced considerably by the microbial activity in Troforte M – 140-180 grams/Square Metre.


Fert O Lawn is packed in a heavy duty 3.5kg & 10kg bucket. For larger jobs, 20kg bags are also available.

One 10kg bucket is usually enough for the average home lawns.


70 grams per m2. Follow up applications can vary between 50-70 grams per m2 depending on the condition of the lawn.


1. If your lawn has weak patches, feed the lawn with Fert O lawn then go back and give any weak patches an extra dose. You’ll be amazed how well the weak patches can recover.

2. Fert O Lawn should be watered in within 30 minutes of application. The microbes need moisture to activate.

For more information see link to manufacturer- Save your soils with Troforte Langley Fertilizers.


# Technical Data Sheet.

# Detailed Application Rates.

# Questions & Answers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is this lawn fertiliser low in phosphorous as we have been advised that our lawn is suffering from too much phosphorous?

A. Yes this fertiliser is very low in phosphorous at only 1.00 %w/w. See the Technical Data Sheet above for more details.

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