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New Fruits Trees for Sale Sydney (June 2024 New Arrivals) View larger

Fruits Trees for Sale Sydney (June 2024 New Arrivals)

New fruit tree arrivals in June 2024 at our Sydney Store. Until stocks last

Fruits Trees for Sale Sydney - June 2024 New Arrivals.

Here is a list of the different plants and trees that arrived at our Sydney Store in Enfield, until stocks last.

Please call 02 97475713 before arriving to confirm what is still available and instock as some of these may already be sold out.

Blueberry, BSA, 140mm
Blueberry, Sunshine Blue, 140mm
Brazillian Cherry 140mm
Carambola, Karri, 6Ltr
Coffee Arabica 200mm
Curry Leaf, 140mm
Custard Apple, Afr. Pride 6ltr
Pear, Packham, grafted 6ltr
Plum, Our Selection, 6ltr
Yarrahappinni Blood Plum, 6ltr
Pomegranate Shepherds Spec 140
Pomegranate Cyprus Hill 140mm
Raspberry Heritage 140mm
Black Sapote, sdl, 140mm
White Sapote, Pike sdl 140mm
Finger Lime, Pink Ice, 6ltr
Finger Lime, Jali's Red, 6ltr
Tamarind 200mm
Feijoa, Triumph, grafted 6ltr
Feijoa, Mammoth, grafted 6ltr
Guava, Yellow Cherry 140mm
Guava, Indian White, 140mm
Guava, Hawaiian Pink, 140mm
Jakfruit, Crunchy sdl 140mm
Jakfruit, Silky, sdl 140mm
Jakfruit, Silky, sdl 6ltr
Jakfruit, Crunchy sdl 6ltr
Kiwifruit Matua (male) 6lt gr
Kiwifruit, Dexter, 6lt gr
Kiwifruit, Hayward, 6ltr graft
Macadamia, "Pinkalicious", 6lt
Mulberry, Black, 140mm
Mulberry, White, 140mm
Avocado, Hass 6ltr
Avocado, Reed 6ltr
Avocado, Wurtz 6ltr
Avocado, Pinkerton 6ltr
Banana, Dwarf Ducasse 90mm
Nectarine Sunripe, 6ltr budded
Nectarine, Sundowner 6lt bud
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