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Vetafarm Parrot Hand Rearing Food (Disc)

DISCONTINUED BY MANUFACTURER. PLEASE CONSIDER OTHER GREAT ALTERNATIVES BELOW. Vetafarm Parrot Hand Rearing Food With Probotic. Extrusion cooked for superior digestion. Made fresh in Australia.

Vetafarm Parrot Hand Rearing Food with Probotic. Total avian nutrition for hand rearing birds.

- Extrusion cooked for superior digestion.

- Provides balanced nutrition for optimum growth and development.

- Made fresh in Australia.

- Formulated by Avian Vets.

Product Description:

Premium extruded hand rearing formula, cooked for safety and increased digestibility. Contains all necessary vitamins, mineral, calcium and amino acids for growing bones, organ function and strong feather development.

Hand rearing requires a formula which will allow the baby to quickly adapt to the brooder environment and consistently gain weight. Using a balance of plant and animal protein, grains for energy and extra vitamins the formulation of Parrot Hand Rearing Food has proven to be a very efficient food for baby birds.

Recommended for: all Parrots as a complete hand raising formula from 7-10 days old to weaning.

Also suitable for: Other bird species such as passerines and pigeons.

Can use with: Hand Rearing Food should not be used with any other supplement. Hand Rearing Food is a veterinary balanced diet, mixing other foods or supplements will dilute the nutrition and unbalance a young bird’s diet.

Key features: Extrusion cooked for safety and increased digestibility. Contains Probotic to promote healthy gut flora. Scientifically balanced to ensure precise nutrition in baby birds.

Feeding: Simply add hot water to the powder and mix with a fork or whisk to eliminate lumps. Ensure the food is at 38 – 40ºC when fed. Generally, each feed should consist of a volume equivalent to 10 – 15% of the chick’s body weight. Do not overfeed as this may cause crop stretching or regurgitation and aspiration of food. Allow the crop to nearly empty between feeds.

Ingredients: Select Australian whole grains including: Corn, Wheat, Soybean & Oats, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and Probotic .

General Analysis:
Crude Protein 21%
Max Crude Fat 8%
Max Crude Fibre 5%
Max Salt 0.5%

Pack Size: 450g, 2.5Kg, 10Kg

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