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Hand Raised Baby White Faced Cockatiels


Hand Raised White Faced Cockatiels for Sale - $120 each. We can also provide cages, specialised feed, expert advice, and everything you need for your new hand-raised bird. Call to confirm details of birds for sale before purchase.

Name   - Hand Raised Baby White Faced Cockatiels for Sale.

Price    - $120 each

Pick Up Location - Enfield Produce - 56 Coronation Pde Enfield NSW 2136 

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Our hand-raised cockatiels are very popular and their placid temperament makes them an ideal bird to train and tame as a domestic pet. Since these baby birds have been hand fed or reared they are generally more comfortable around people and have far more potential to be trained and tamed then regular cockatiels. The staff at our Enfield store can provide everything you will need to care for your new hand raised bird, including expert advice on the ongoing care required. Also available are well-priced bird cages, specialised feed, toys, feeders etc.

About Hand Raised Cockatiels:

Hand raised cockatiels have the potential be more accepting of humans as part of their social group and their domestic environment than those raised with little human contact. However they are still exposed to an environment so foreign to their species, that, particularly once reaching sexual maturity, they can still prove to be more difficult to manage than what their carer bargained for. Although hand raised birds can make wonderful pets, prospective owners should be aware of the limitations of the process and the basic requirements of caring for a bird. It is best to obtain birds from those people who are experienced in the rearing process.

Most hand raised cockatiels crave contact with the individual caring for it. Prospective owners must maintain close contact with the bird but must also be aware of how the relationship with their bird is maintained. An owner's own behaviour can encourage a bird to become introverted, aggressive or domineering.

Cockatiels rarely talk, but they are very musical whistlers. In general, males are far better mimics than females. Start communicating with your cockatiel from day one. As you arrive home (or come in from the garden) emit a wolf whistle (or whatever) from the distance. Soon your bird will whistle back. This establishes a firm bond with your bird and soon you will have all sorts of songs that you sing together. Normally birds start mimicking at about six months of age.

For All Enquiries regarding live birds please call the Enfield store on 02 97475713

Notes: Until Stocks last. Please call the Enfield Store on 02 97475713 to confirm availability, price, and other details before visiting the store to purchase this item, as from time to time the information in this section may be dated or incorrect. 

- All photo's in this section are for promotional purposes only and are NOT the actual birds for sale. The actual birds for sale may look significantly different or may even be a different breed to the birds pictured here.

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