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Sharp Shooter Triforine Rose Spray Concentrate

SEE BELOW FOR 1 LITRE BOTTLES OF TRIFORINE. Sharp Shooter's Triforine Rose Spray Concentrate offers effective treatment and prevention of fungus diseases on roses.

Sharp Shooter Triforine Rose Spray Concentrate. SEE BELOW FOR 1L BOTTLES OF TRIFORINE.

Sharp Shooter's Triforine is a systemic fungicide which enters the sap of the plant to protect and cure it of fungal disease. The long-lasting systemic protection has made Triforine a traditionally popular choice for the home gardener. This very popular rose fungus killer is favoured by most professional horticulturists for the control of fungus disease on roses.

Active Ingredients: Triforine 20g/L, Dimethyl Formamide 25g/L 


  • Systemic, gets into sap stream of plant.
  • Acts as both a preventative and a curative.
  • Low-Toxic, will not harm bees or predatory mites.
  • Environmentally friendly, safe for people, pets and environment (S.G.A* approved).
  • Diseases Controlled: Black Spot, Powdery Mildew and Rust

For Use On: Roses (All types)

When to Use: Spray whenever disease is visible, also start an early preventative spray program at the beginning of Spring once foliage emerges.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can you advise the application rate for Sharp Shooter Triforine?

A. The application rate according to the label of the stock I currently have is 14mL per litre of water, but please see the photo of the label (above) for more safety information before use and always read and follow the instructions on the bottle ahead of any other information (9/12/16)

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