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Splosht Natural Water Cleaner (Aquarium Pack)

Splosht is natural organic blend of good bacteria that cleans aquarium water naturally and reduces algae and sludge. Safe for your fish and chemical free. Treats from a 20 litre to 500 litre tank for 3 months. Simply drop a sachet in every 2 weeks.

Splosht Natural Aquarium Water Cleaner Pack.

Splosht is safe for your fish. The Splosht Aquarium Pack has been specially formulated for your aquarium. It will treat from the smallest aquarium of 20 litres to the largest up to 500 litres. 

Simply drop a sachet in every 2 weeks. It's easy!

When you use chemicals you must be careful and measure as overdosing may accidentally kill your fish as well as the algae as chemicals are man-made poisons.

Why poison the water when you can use Splosht?

Splosht is not a chemical. It is a natural organic blend of good bacteria that are safe for your fish, plants and the environment.

Splosht is unique and amazing. Splosht when put in initially will take 4 weeks to grow. Then WOW!

Simply drop your first sachet in, then 2 weeks later another sachet then the next one you will see the results! Just keep dropping a sachet in EVERY 2 weeks. IT'S EASY!

When you use Splosht there is NO MEASURING. Just drop a water dissolvable sachet in and watch it disappear in minutes.

Please clean your filter as normal.

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