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Aquapet Holiday Food Block Tropical 1pk (20g)


When placed into an aquarium Aquapet Weekend Fish Food will dissolve slowly releasing nutritious freeze dried foods while at the same time neutralizing the water. Fine for tropical and most other fish. One block is sufficient for a 38L tank for about 14 days (read instructions before use)

Aquapet Holiday Food Block (for Tropical Fish) 1 Pack (20g)

Contains freeze dried tubifex, Brine Shrimp, Daphnia, Mosquito Larvae. Cleans and neatralizes water for a period up to 14 days.

Aquapet Weekend fish food when placed into the aquarium will immedely start to dissolve slowly releasing nutritious freeze dried foods into the aquarium while at the same time neutralizing aquarium water. One food block will be sufficient for an average ten gallon (37.85 Litre) aquarium for approximately 3 days. The water temperature should be approximately 24 to 25 degrees celsius as lower temperatures retard the rate of dissolving while higher temperature rates will accelerate the release of food particles. Highly alkaline water will also cause the slower release of food particles. Therefore in order to avoid these difficulties a weekly water change of 10% is recommended. Water must be circulated by means of an air stone or filter in order to provide water circulation around the food block.

Ingredients: Calcium Sulphate, Mosquito Larvae, Daphnia, Hydrochloride, Chloride, Plumbum, Ferrum, Alkaline, Magnesium.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Minimum Crude:                               Maximum Crude:

Protein                      = 2.38%           Fiber                          = 3.15%   

Minimum Crude Fat   = 0.56%            Maximum Moisture     = 10.00%     

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Are these food blocks suitable for feeding to goldfish?

A. According to our supplier these food blocks are fine to feed to goldfish.                     

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