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Galvanised Poultry Feeder w Handle 12 kg


Introductory Special - Save $20 - Premium & heavy duty galvanized feeders with a convenient carry handle. For poultry or other avairy birds.

High quality galvanised poultry feeders with a large carry handle and a small top handle for removing the lid.  Strongly built with a nice finish thats rare for galvanised products. Available in 4 sizes to hold 9 kg, 12 kg, 15 kg or 20 kg of feed. All feeder sizes have same approximate 36 cm wide foot print with the larger sizes having a thicker and or taller cylinder body.

This Item has a - 36 cm wide (footprint) x 36 cm Height. Holds approximately 12 kg of seed or grain.

Size Guide (approx)

9 kg Feeder    -   36 cm W x 29 cm H

12 kg Feeder   -   36 cm W x 36 cm H

15 kg Feeder   -   36 cm W x 42 cm H

20 kg Feeder   -   36 cm W x 53.5 cm H

NOTE : Width measurement is taken from the very bottom base and is the widest part of the feeder.

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