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Bono Fido Pen with Lid (Galvanised Dog Cage)

Portable dog pen/crate that folds flat and can be assembled in seconds. Has strong spring connections between pen panels. Open floor design allows pets to walk on a more natural environment.

Main Features:

  • Buy a pen/crate with renown Bono Fido brand quality and durability.
  • Portable pen - Folds flat and can be assembled in seconds.
  • Strong spring connection between pen panels.
  • Great cheap price for such a large dog pen.
  • Open floor design allows pets to walk on a natural environment or allows easy cleaning by simply moving the pen.

Size Guide (cm)





Code(40405)(40406)(40408) (40407)

External (LxWxH)

106.5 x 106.5 x 76

122 x 122 x 76

122 x 122 x 91.5

122 x 122 x 106.5



35 W x 96 H (mm)

35 W x109 H (mm)

35 W x 109 H (mm)



2 mm

2 mm

2 mm



55.5 W x 95 H

BOXED WEIGHT(approx)11KG12.9KG      14.1KG16.2KG

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can 2 pens of the same size be joined together?

A. These pens are not designed to be attached together, however with a bit of tinkering and a pair of pliers someone who is a bit handy should be able to join two pens together without too much trouble.

The pen's panels are connected with metal spirals, but the tips of the spirals have been purposely bent so that they don't move or come off. However, with pliers, you should be able to unbend the spiral tips so that the spirals can be spun and removed. Then once you have removed one of the panels and connected the 2 pens you can then re-secure the panels with the removed spirals. You can then re-bend the tips of the spirals so they will stay in place.

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