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Orange Guard Crawling Insect Killer 946ml RTU

Orange Guard Crawling Insect Killer Citrus peel extract insecticide for indoor and outdoor household use. 

Orange Guard Crawling Insect Killer 946ml RTU

Announcing an Australian-first in natural pest control, Orange Guard Crawling Insect Killer targets crawling insects such as ants cockroaches, fleas etc. Kills on contact and NO NEED TO VACATE THE AREA TREATED. Use safely around children and pets without 

How Does Orange Guard Work: Orange Guard’s active ingredient (d-limonene) is steam-distilled orange peel. It breaks down the waxy coating of insects, effectively suffocating them.

Is Orange Guard safe? All ingredients in Orange Guard meet the Food and Drug Administration GRAS (Generally Recognised as Safe) food grade standard. D-Limonene – the active ingredient in Orange Guard – is an approved food additive and is often found in food products, air fresheners, pet shampoos and the like. Orange Guard is water-based with a natural emulsifier and is 100 percent biodegradable.

For more Information Please read the back of the bottle.

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