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Triangular Chicken Coop 1.8m (EP-313)

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A quality chicken coop under $300. 184cm L x 98cm W x 85cm H. This chicken coop is ideal for placing on the backyard lawn to allow your chooks to forage in a more natural environment. Can house about 3 to 4 laying hens and provides a well-sheltered layer box for easy egg collection. Suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs & ferrets.

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Triangular Chicken Coop (1.8 Metre Long). Also suitable for Rabbits, Ferrets etc!

Give your poultry more space at a super price with this A-frame chicken coop. This Chicken coop is ideal for placing on the backyard lawn to allow your chooks to forage in a more natural environment.  Provides a well-sheltered layer box for egg laying and easy collection. This coop allows plenty of access for cleaning with 2 large front doors and one side door. At 26 kg, this coop is light enough to be pulled along the grass or to be carried by two people. Coop can be also placed on other hard surfaces or bare dirt if required.

Dimensions (cm):

External: 184 L x 98 W x 85 H (cm)(approx)

Enclosed Section (internal): 57 L x 92.5 W x 68.6 H.

Enclosed Section (External): 64 L x 98.6 W x 84 H.

Run Section (Internal): 116.5 L x 92.5 W x 68.6 H.

Run Section (External): 119 L x 96.8 W x 82.6 H.

Main Features:

  • Extra Deep at 98 cm - Compare carefully these dimensions with similar coops from our competitors.
  • The length of this chicken coop is 184 cm wide.
  • Weighs only 25 kgs for easy moving.
  • Get more for your money.
  • This coop comes flat packed but is easy to assemble and has instructions. May require a second person to hold panels in place while the other fastens.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How many chooks is the coop suited to?

A. This is up to personal opinion somewhat so be sure to decide for yourself, but I would say you could fit about 3 to 4 chickens.

Q. What kind of timber is this coop made out of and is it treated?

A. The timber of this coop is fir timber which has been treated so that it becomes weatherproof.

Q. What are the box dimensions for this flat-packed coop?

A. The box dimensions are 134 cm x 93.5 cm x 17 cm. (26 kg)

Q. Where are the hens supposed to lay eggs as I can only see a perch in the A-frame house?

A. To see more photos of this coop click on the thumbnail to enlarge and then click arrows left and right to scroll through them all. The egg-laying section of this coop is the section in front of the perch. This section has a timber floor and can be seen in these photos.

Q. Is the timber treatment of this coop non-toxic?

A. According to the manufacturer the timber treatment of this coop is non-toxic and environmentally friendly (16/11/15)

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