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Magic Pearls Cat Litter 3.8 L (Disc)

Magic Pearls is 100% natural unscented silica gel (Crystals/Beads). Natural, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Just one 38 Litre Bag of Magic Pearls will last your cat a whole month.

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Magic Pearls Cat Litter 3.8 Litres. (See volume discounts tab) 

Main Features:

Unbeatable Value: Just one 38 Litre Bag of Magic Pearls will last your cat a whole month With other litters you could be using four times that amount.

Odour Free: Magic Pearls absorbs all odours and locks them inside removing unpleasant odours.

Less Tracking: Magic Pearls special size, shape, and texture keeps it in the box instead of on your floor. Magic Pearls won't stick to your cat's feet.

Cat's Love Magic Pearls: Magic pearls leaves the cat box clean, fresh, dry and odour free.

Clean and Sanitary: This unique new litter completely absorbs liquid waste immediately stopping bacterial growth and leaving your litter odour free and dry to touch. You will have no messy clumps or saturated clay.

100% Dust Free: Magic pearls unique make-up of silica gel is healthier for you and your cat. Most litters contain a lot of dust that can irritate eyes and nasal passages 

Silica Gel: Magic Pearls is 100% natural, unscented, silica gel. Natural, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Directions of Use: When using Magic pearls for the first time, mix Magic Pearls with some of your existing litter to familiarise your cat. Thereafter simply pour 2-4cm of Magic Pearls into your cat litter tray. Clean up and replace as necessary. Washing your hands after handling cat litter is recommended.

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