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Albino White Budgies For Sale


A wide range of Albino White Budgies For Sale. Click this item for pricing and more information. Call to confirm details before purchase.

Name: Albino / White Budgies for Sale

Price: Please call store to confirm price & availability. Please do NOT email regarding this.

How to Buy: This item is pick up ONLY from our Enfield Store in Sydney. Delivery is not available.

About: Albino budgies are completely white and pure albino's usually have red eyes.


Until Stocks last. Please call the enfield store on 97475713 to confirm availablity, price, and other details before visiting the store to purchase this item, as from time to time the information in this section may be dated or incorrect.

- All photo's in this section are for promotion purposes only and are NOT the actual birds for sale. The actual birds for sale may look significantly different or may even be a different breed to the birds pictured here.

Other Budgies for Sale : Harlequin Budgies, Pied Budgies, Albino White Budgies, Lutino Yellow Budgies. See below for details.

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