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Breeding Cabinet for Budgies 18 Inch (Single) View larger


Breeding Cabinet for Budgies (Single Storey) (DB) (SYDNEY ONLY)

Disclaimer: Please see the disclaimer before ordering.

Limited Freight Options: This item can only be sent within Sydney and only via the Sydney Direct freight option.


A high quality and Australian made budgie breeding cabinet. Ideal for 1 breeding pair of budgies. DISCLAIMER: This product may vary in colour, materials and design to the product depicted in the photo.

Breeding Cabinet for Budgies (Single Storey)

Dimensions (Approximate) (cm): 61L x 29.5W x 54H     Weight: 11.65kg

Main Features:

  • Australian made.
  • Well made with an attractive finish.
  • 1 removed nest box.
  • 1 metal pull-out tray.
  • 1 small wire mesh panel to fill gap if removing nest box.
  • Suitable for breeding 1 pairs of budgies.

Disclaimer: The colour, materials and design of this cabinet may vary from item to item depending on the materials are used to construct them. It may also be different to the item depicted in the photo.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Just wondering if the nesting entry/box would fit an adult quaker pair?

A. After speaking to our bird guru he seems to think that this nest box would too small for Quakers. Quakers also like to make large nests that wouldn't fit in such a box. He also thought the cabinet size itself would be a bit too small for Quakers. 

Q. Would this cabinet be suitable for a pair of Lovebirds?

A. Yes it would be suitable.

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