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Lovebirds For Sale


Lovebirds for Sale Sydney. Lovebirds acquired their name because of their fondness for sitting in pairs while preening each other's feathers. Call to confirm details of birds for sale before purchase.

Lovebirds for Sale Sydney. Item Updated : 1/3/13

Name: Peachface & Lovebirds for Sale.

Availability: Please call our Sydney Store on 97475713 to confirm before arriving instore. Please do NOT email availability enquiries as these emails are answered from a different location.

How to Buy: When available these lovebirds can be purchased from our store at 56 Coronation Pde Enfield 2136. Home Delivery is NOT available for birds and pets. For a map click "STORE LOCATION" above.

Price: Green (normal) = $35. Yellow = $35.

About Lovebirds:

Although lovebirds are not so popular as household pets as other members of the parrot family, a young bird obtained straight from the nest will soon become very tame, though not possessing the standards of mimicry enjoyed by other parrots. There have been cases, however of tame lovebirds being able to repeat a few words. In general, the nature of lovebirds make them more suitable to be kept in a cage as pairs, or in an aviary as a group, depending on the species.

They are charming little birds, relatively inexpensive to keep, do not require unduly spacious accommodation and will breed if given the opportunity. A pair kept in a suitable cage in the home will give one many hours of amusement. A mixture of seed, green food, fruit, fresh water and a regular supply of grit and cuttlefish bone, is all they require to keep them in the best of health. Furthermore, if hygienically kept, these birds do not smell, nor are they particularly messy. The call of most species is a high pitched screech, which fortunately is not as voluminous or offensive as that emitted by some of the larger parrot species.


- Until Stocks last. Please call the enfield store on 97475713 to confirm availablity, price, and other details before visiting the store to purchase this item, as from time to time the information in this section may be dated or incorrect.

- All photo's in this section are for promotion purposes only and are NOT the actual birds for sale. The actual birds for sale may look significantly different or may even be a different breed to the birds pictured here.

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