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Cockatiels For Sale Sydney


Cockatiels For Sale. Click this item to see pricing. Call to confirm details of birds for sale before purchase.

Item Updated: 1/3/13

Name: Cockatiels for Sale Sydney

Availability: To be sure of availability please call the Enfield Store on 97475713 before arriving in-store. Please do NOT email us regarding availability, as these emails are answered from a different location from the store.

How to Buy: All our birds are in-store pick up and purchase only. No delivery available.

Price: Grey Colour $25 each. Yellow Colour $35 each

About: The popularity of the cockatiel, both as a pet and aviary bird stems in part from its gentle disposition. Whereas other parrots cannot be kept with smaller birds or even with a number of their own kind in many instances, Cockatiels can be housed quite safely as part of a mixed avairy. They will breed in the company of other birds much smaller then themselves, such as zebra finches, without any sign of aggression towards their companions. Cockatiels can also be kept in individual pairs or as a group in an avairy. As pet birds, they will become tame and confiding, and can be taught to talk without difficulty, if obtained as youngsters Cockatiels normally prove long-lived birds, with individuals living well into their twenties. This is about twice the life expectancy of a budgerigar. The requirements of Cockatiels are very straightforward, and a basic diet comprised of seeds and greenfood will serve to keep them in good health, though other supplements are to be given ideally.


  • Until Stocks last. Please call the enfield store on 97475713 to confirm availablity, price, and other details before visiting the store to purchase this item, as from time to time the information in this section may be dated or incorrect.
  • All photo's in this section are for promotion purposes only and are NOT the actual birds for sale. The actual birds for sale may look significantly different or may even be a different breed to the birds pictured here.
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