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Timber Play Bird Stand for Small Parrots


Great Value! A bird play stand ideal for small parrots like budgies & cockatiels. Will keep them occupied and active for hours. Requires wood glue to assemble which is not included.

Timber Play Bird Stand for Small Parrots. Great Value!

Disclaimer: We have recently noticed that this product is arriving with dried up and unusable glue and therefore you will need to purchase your own wood glue to complete this stand. We have reported this issue to the supplier and they said they are looking to fix this issue in future stock but until this issue gets fixed this item will be sold without usable glue. If your lucky it might be usable but dont depend on this.

External Dimensions:   41 W x 32 D x 39cm  H    -    Perch Diameter 15 mm

Main Features:

-  Many features including 6 perches, 1 ladder, 1 swing, 2 feeders.

-  Has perches in step-like fashion leading birds to the top perch.

-  Great price and value for money

-  Generous size for a small bird/parrot.

-  Simple assembly: However, please note that wood glue will likely not come with this item and you will need to buy your own glue to assemble.

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