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Exercise Bird Cage (TS-2423)

Ordering Tip: To save on freight leave the quantity as 1 and select your preferred pack quantity. ie 1 cage pack, 2 cage pack or 3 cage pack etc.

Provides healthy lateral space for smaller birds to fly. Suitable for small to medium sized birds like, finches, budgies, canaries etc etc.

Provides healthy lateral space for smaller birds to fly. Suitable for small to medium-sized birds like, finches, budgies, canaries, grass parrots, cockatiels etc etc. Includes a removable slide-out tray for easy cleaning.

Suitable for how many birds? 2 budgies, 2 Canaries, 2 Cockatiels or 4 finches.


External: 60 W x 41 D x 40 H.

Entry (Large Front): 23 W x 24.5 H.

Entry (Small Front): 8 W x 12 H.

Entry (Side x 2): 8 W x 10.5 H.

Bar Diameter (approx): 1 mm Bar. Spacing: 12 mm. Weight: 3.5kg (approx)

Stands Available: 2 optional stands also available for this cage. See below.

NOTE: If you order multiple single cages they will be combined and sent together as one package.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Do you sell spare trays for this cage?

A. We sell medium rat cage trays that would be suitable to use with this cage. See below.

Q. Could you please tell me if the bars of this cage are powder-coated, plastic-covered or painted?

A. Answer from the manufacturer "All cages are powder coated"

Q. Does this cage have a metal grill on the bottom of the cage to keep the bird from walking on the removable slide-out tray?

A. Yes it does, but it's hard to see in the current photo.

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