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Flight Bird Cage with Stand (TS-0487)


A strong and durable large cage without the unnecessarily thick and expensive bars that are only needed for large parrots like cockatoo's.

Flight Bird Cage with Stand (TS-0487).

Main Features:

  • A strong and durable large cage without the excessively thick and expensive bars that are only needed for large parrots like cockatoos.
  • This cage is large enough for multiple small or medium-sized birds.
  • Feeders can be accessed from the side without opening the main front door.
  • Lower shelf for storage.
  • Two levels and two ramps provide bird activity space.
  • Includes a matching stand (with wheels). The cage can be moved from the stand if required.
  • Item comes flat packed and is easy to assemble.
  • Includes 4 perches and 2 feeders.

Dimensions (approximate) (cm):

EXTERNAL 80 L x 47 W x 159 H
CAGE ONLY ( EXTERNAL ) 76 L x 46 W x 97 H
CAGE ONLY ( INTERNAL ) 75 L x 45.5 W x 91 H
FRONT ENTRY X 2 21.5 W x 39 H

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Does this cage have a solid construction? I have a kitten that has discovered my peach-faced parrots and I am looking for a solid cage that is not easy to collapse.

A. In my opinion, this cage does have a solid construction and is very unlikely to be knocked over or collapsed by a cat or kitten. For added protection, you might want to consider tying the cage to the stand with some wire, but even this is not really essential.

Q. Can you please tell me what the bars of this cage are made of? I really want to know if they are plastic coated or have a metal finish.

A. This cage is made from iron and is spray painted. It is not plastic coated.

Q. Is there a display model of this cage that we can look at before buying?

A. Currently, we are using this cage at our Enfield store to display birds so it can be viewed there. However it has had some modifications done to it, ie 2 cages have been combined together and the stand has been removed (12/11/14)

Q. Would this cage be suitable for an Eclectus parrot to sleep in at night?

A. Yes, this cage would be fine for an Eclectus as they are not strong biters like other larger parrots and are very unlikely to break the wire. Alexandrines on the other hand may break the wire of this cage.

Q. Is the cage suitable for 1 green cheek conure?

A. Yes, this cage would be fine for 1 conure.

Q. Just wondering if this cage could house rats?

A. Answer from the manufacturer/supplier: "It's not designed for rats but some people do use this cage for big rats. The bar spacing is 1/2 inch (12mm), so just make sure the rats are not small enough to get through". See below for other rat cage options.

Q. Is the bar spacing of this cage suitable for Gouldian finches?

A. Yes, this cage is fine for Gouldian finches.

Q. Is this a suitable cage for a single Indian Ringneck.

A. Yes, it would be suitable.

Disclaimer: Please do not consider any information on this page or website as expert advice. Always seek expert advice before using any of our products or caring for any pets or plants.

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