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Parrot Flight Cage (Meets New RSPCA Requirements) View larger


Parrot Flight Cage (Meets New RSPCA Requirements)


This spacious parrot cage was specially designed to meet the new minimum RSPCA requirements for parrot cages. These new requirements now apply to home bird keepers and not just pet shops as the law did previously.

Parrot Flight Cage (Meets new RSPCA minimum requirements)

This cage is currently on display at our Sydney (Enfield) Store if you would like to view it before purchase.

This parrot cage has been designed to allow parrots and other birds to move and fly freely and is suitable for small to medium sized parrots like Budgies, Lorikeets, Alexandrines, Rosellas and many others. Due to new regulations home pet keepers are now required to keep parrots in larger cages like this one. 

This cage also be used for some larger finches, however smaller finches may fit through the wire spacing. This cage is not suitable for Cockatoos and similar large parrots with a powerful bite as the wire of the cage is a bit too thin and they may break it.

Item Includes:

  • 1 spacious parrot flight cage with removable tray.
  • 1 stand with a shelf and wheels.
  • 4 long feeders.
  • 2 perches (20mm thick)
  • 2 large front doors
  • 4 smaller side doors


Cage Only: 92 L x 92 W x 107 cm H 

Cage & Stand: 92 x 92 x 148 cm H

Wire Spacing: 12mm

Item is supplied flat Packed in Box

Box Dimensions: 110 x 94.5 x 16.5 cm and weighs 33kg

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