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ABK A Guide to Lories & Lorikeets


Ideal as a guide for a new Lorikeet! This 152 page revised edition includes new chapters on Lories and Lorikeets as Pets, Handrearing, Diseases and Disorders in Lories and Lorikeets.

A GUIDE TO LORIES & LORIKEETS: Part of the "A Guide to...." series. Recognised internationally as a specialist lory & lorikeet breeder, Peter Odekerken is perhaps best known for his superb photography of which he probably has the most definitive collection of lory & lorikeet photographic studies in the world today. Completely reformatted and revised including new sections on Lories and Lorikeets as Pets, Diseases and Disorders and Colour Mutations and Breeding Expectations, Peter Odekerken’s A Guide to Lories and Lorikeets is bigger, better and more colourful than the highly successful original edition. Peter’s exceptional photography again is beautifully supportive of the informative text which together make this a must have title.

This 152 page revised edition includes new chapters on Lories and Lorikeets as Pets, Diseases and Disorders in Lories and Lorikeets and Colour Mutations and Breeding Expectations. The author, Peter Odekerken, a highly experienced breeder of the lory and lorikeet group presents extensive information on general husbandry as well as specific details on each individual species.


Lories and Lorikeets In the Wild, Taxonomy, Habitat, Distribution, Facts, Breeding, Feeding, Conservation, Lories and Lorikeets in Captivity, Selection, Transportation, Feeding, Housing, Breeding, Handrearing, As Pets, Diseases and Disorders in Lories and Lorikeets, Crop Infection, Psittacosis, Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease, Parasitic Disease, Medications, Lory and Lorikeet Species, Chalcopsitta, Eos, Pseudos, Trichoglossus, Psitteuteles, Lorius, Charmosyna, Glossopsitta, Neopsittacus, Colour Mutations in Lories and Lorikewets, Primary, Combinations of Mutations, Table of Primary, Mutations.


Lories, Black Lory, Duyvenbode's Lory, Yellow-streaked Lory, Cardinal Lory, Black-winged Lory, Blue-streaked Lory, Red Lory, Red and Blue Lory, Violet-necked Lory, Dusky Lory, Black-capped Lory, Chattering Lory, Yellow-bibbed Lory, Purple-naped Lory, Purple-bellied Lory, Stella's Lory, Lorikeets, Rainbow Lorikeet, Red-collard Lorikeet, Scaly-breasted Lorikeet, Ornate Lorikeet, Green-naped Lorikeet, Mitchell's Lorikeet, Weber's Lorikeet, Edward's Lorikeet, Rosenberg's Lorikeet, Massena's Lorikeet, Perfect Lorikeet, Goldie's Lorikeet, Mt Apo Lorikeet, Varied Lorikeet, Musk Lorikeet, Little Lorikeet, Purple-crowned Lorikeet, Musschenbroek's Lorikeet.

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