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Straw Hay Bag (Animal Bedding etc)


Straw Hay is a popular bedding for small animals like poultry, rabbit, guinea pigs, ferrets etc. Great for lining rabbit hutch floors to keep them away from liquids or to protect chicken eggs.

Straw hay is the dried stems of wheat plants which are left over after wheat is harvested. It is popular for use as bedding for small animals like poultry, chickens, rabbit, guinea pigs, ferrets etc. Straw hay can be used in your chicken's nest box to cushion and protect newly layed eggs. For rabbits it can used to line the floor or your rabbits hutch to help keep them above and away from urine, liquids and mess. Replace straw hay regularly.

Bag Size (cm): 36 W x 28 D x 46 H. Average Weight: 650 to 800 grams.


# The bag size measurements are only general guides as each bag varies in size.

# Straw bag weight will vary. Bags are not weighed only filled to approximately the same size.

# The bag measurements do not include the handle part.

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