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Dr B Barf Cat Food- Turkey 1.38kg 12 x 115g


Turkey Barf Cat Food - Is based on the principles of evolutionary nutrition and is food designed to ensure our furry family members have the opportunity to enjoy the longest life possible, with the greatest freedom from disease. Read Delivery Note before ordering.

Dr B Barf Cat Food - Turkey 1.38kg (12 x 115g) Trading Hours.

Order Online or Buy In-store @ 56 Coronation Pde Enfield NSW 2136 - (02) 97475713.

New "Once a Week" Delivery Schedule: Due to changes by our refrigerated courier we will now only be sending out refrigerated orders once a week, every wednesday. In order to make the wednesday pickup orders will need to be in by 3pm Monday. We may be able to take orders on tuesday aswell but you will need to call us on 0279016845 or email us after your order is placed to confirm it can be sent on wednesday. If we cant do it in time your order will sent out on the following wednesday, 1 week later.

For more information see this page about the new once-a-week delivery schedule.

Freight Disclaimer: Orders will be left at the receivers front door if no one is home at the time of delivery, at buyers risk.

Barf Cat Food:

Apart from their brilliantly health enhancing properties for felines, there is a lot less that needs to be said about Dr. B’s BARF ‘Flavours’ for cats, compared to dogs. Yes, they are all suitable for all life stages, yes they will quietly and without fuss, like Dr. B’s BARF for dogs see many health problems improve dramatically and like Dr. B’s BARF for dogs, they may be used as a stand-alone product OR combined with other (suitable) raw whole foods to produce a healthy (Feline) Evolutionary Programme of Nutrition. Similarly, they may be modified (with the addition of specific foods and supplements) in the face of particular feline disease problems. Additionally, Dr. B’s BARF Flavours for cats may be used across the species divide, that is, Dr. B’s BARF ‘Flavours’ for cats are often the ideal choice when feeding smaller breeds of dogs (cat patties are smaller than dog patties) including most particularly their puppies.

As any cat owner/lover will testify, cats are fussy; cats want variety; the majority of cats will test the patience of their feeding slave(s) to the max. For that reason, for most cats, it is wise to have all three flavours on hand and also be prepared with other healthy feline appropriate foods such as chicken wings and necks, whole fish, straight meat minces, milk with egg yolks and cream etc, and not forgetting that many cats will happily eat (and sometimes prefer) Dr. B’s BARF for dogs.

What is BARF ?

BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods) for Dogs and Cats.

Dr. B’s Genuine Aussie R.A.W. ™ BARF products are Specifically Formulated by Dr. Billinghurst (‘Dr. B’) to strictly accord with the Principles of Evolutionary Nutrition; these are the foods that Evolution designed our Cats and Dogs to require, the foods designed to ensure our furry family members have the opportunity to enjoy the longest life possible, with the greatest freedom from disease. For a PDF Brochure on Barf Pet Food - Click Here.


Turkey meat and bone, derived from turkey necks, wings and frames, finely ground; offal (a mixture of equal parts of heart and liver derived from beef and lamb), whole raw egg (no shell), fresh yogurt, carrots, apples, dried alfalfa leaf powder and dried kelp powder.

Typical Analysis:

Moisture maximum - 70%

Crude Protein minimum - 15% (50% D.M. basis)

Crude Fat minimum - 7% (23% D.M. basis)

Crude Fibre maximum - 1% (3% D.M basis)

Calcium (Ca) minimum - 1.1% (3.7D.M basis)

Phosphorus (P) minimum - 0.9% (3.1D.M basis)

Calcium: Phosphorus Ratio - 1.1:1 (top)

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