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Raised Floors for Airline Approved Carriers

Removable Raised Floors/Trays for Airline Approved Carriers (6 sizes) PP10, PP20, PP30, PP40, PP50, PP60, PP70 and PP80.

Raised Floors/Trays for Airline Approved Carriers (8 sizes)

These removable floors are raised to keep your pet above and away from any urine spills while in transit. The tray has holes so that the fluids will drain to the bottom of the carrier.

Our airline approved carriers, sizes PP10, PP20, PP30, PP40, PP50, PP60, PP70 and PP80 all come with removable floors included (see below) so ONLY buy these if you need a replacement floor or if you bought a carrier from elsewhere that didn't include tray. Some retailers do not include the floors with their airline carriers and many people are not aware of this at the time of purchase. Also, this product would be ideal to replace a broken floor/tray.

These floors may be compulsory for some airlines to allow air travel of your pet in a carrier. Please confirm with your airline before travelling.

Size Guide: (Approximate sizes)

Size Dimensions. (L x W x H)
PP10 40 x 26 x 3cm
PP20 43 x 28 x 2cm
PP30 59 x 36 x 2cm
PP40 63 x 35 x 2cm
PP50 69 x 45 x 2cm
PP60 82 x 49 x 2cm
PP70 101 x 51 x 2cm

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