Oxbow Adult Rabbit Food Pellets 2.25 kg


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Oxbow Essentials - Adult Rabbit Food Pellets- Vet Recommended (aka Bunny Basics/T)

Oxbow's Adult Rabbit Food is specifically designed to meet the particular nutritional needs of adult rabbits (1 yr and older). It's base of Timothy grass hay provides the lower calcium, lower protein and higher fibre necessary to maintain optimal health and makes Oxbow's ARF the exotic animal veterinarian's #1 choice for adult rabbits.

Oxbow pellets are designed to be a small, measured portion of a diet that is mostly comprised of grass hay.

This product is not recommended for growing, gestating or lactating rabbits.

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I have used this product for my rabbit and she is always excited to eat these kind of pellets.

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Oxbow Adult Rabbit Food Pellets 2.25 kg

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